A Little About Me

My name is Jay Stevens. I was born in 1991 in the hunter valley of New South Wales, Australia.

I have been travelling the world since early January 2016 whilst living off my investments.
After my high school completion I started working in a retail position at Bunnings Warehouse, I then began an apprenticeship in Carpentry, Building and Construction. After completing this I started working as an underground coal miner which I pursued for 4 years.

Whilst working in the mining industry I began searching for something more, after consulting a financial advisor I started setting out future goals and undertaking home studies in investing.

I then began working with residential property and other investement ideas. The success of these investements fund majority of my travels and continue to grow my portfolio.

I am writing this blog for people that are also interested in increasing their assets and cashflow like myself, for people that are looking at where to start with investment ideas, individuals that would like to have money work for them and not to work for money.

What are my intentions?

Investing has always been something i’ve been passionate about. I mean who wants to work a full time job for majority of their life? Not me anyway. Having invested in quiet a few areas I would constantly be asked about my methods and ideas, so I decided to create this page in the hope of helping people that are new to the investing scene and are looking for ideas, for inspiration or for somewhere to discuss methods.

So please enjoy my page and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me.


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